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black store in copenhagen is a concept store created by danish ceramicist anne black

the ambition of the store is to create a universe based on a thoughtful curation of womens and menswear, homewear, furniture and articles for everyday use – all selected with anne black's personal enthusiasm for pure materials, structure, quality and functionality in mind.

the window displays are often collaborations with both danish and international artists and designers.



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about anne black

anne black’s career evolves around her devotion to applied arts & craftsmanship. her excitement around working hands-on with clay was initially inspired by researching into ancient chinese porcelain in school.

after graduating from the danish design academy in 1996 she worked in various collective pottery workshops in copenhagen, creating her porcelain objects, which combine scandinavian design and craftsmanship, resulting in functional handmade porcelain pieces.

in 2005 anne applied her pottery skills and workshop to begin a development project, creating a ceramics factory in the north of vietnam. there she had the chance to work closely with skilled artisans whom she exchanged ideas, knowledge and inspiration with.